Phoebe Bridgers Shares The Haunted, Evocative Video For Her Song ‘Killer’

Singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has shared a new video for her song “Killer.” Off her acclaimed 2017 album Stranger In The Alps, “Killer” is an evocative song connecting death and love, romantic obsession and a killer instinct. The visuals for “Killer” amplify the song’s dark themes. Bridgers wanders around a deserted locale in a white dress, looking like a ghost haunting her old home. It’s a gorgeous video, shot in timeless black and white.

The “Killer” video was filmed in Joshua Tree last summer, and shot at an appropriately storied location. “I thought this location was visually perfect for Phoebe’s performance,” said the video’s director, Gus Black. “The fact that it happened to be an abandoned tuberculosis asylum was convenient.”

The release of the “Killer” video wraps up an incredible year for Bridgers. “Killer” was Bridgers’ very first single, released in 2015. Revisiting “Killer” at the close of her breakout year feels appropriate. Bridgers’ Boygenius EP with fellow indie breakouts Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker made it onto countless best-of lists this year (including our own), and we crowned the Bridgers-led standout “Me And My Dog” the best song of 2018.

Watch the video for Phoebe Bridgers’ “Killer” above, and revisit our 2017 interview with Bridgers here.