Pinegrove Finished Their New Album, But Are Keeping It Under Wraps For Now

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Indie rock band Pinegrove has been on hiatus since last year, when lyricist Evan Stephens Hall was accused of sexual coercion and placed the band’s upcoming album Skylight on hold. The group has since worked on separate projects from Skylight, with keyboardist Nandi Plunkett spinning off her own Half Waif project, and Hall releasing a statement addressing the accusations on the band’s Facebook page.

Since then, it’s been revealed that Skylight was already completed, with Plunkett telling Columbus Alive that the band was searching for a way to release the album in 2018 that was “respectful to everyone involved in the situation.” She also stated that “the band is not done,” and that “they’re working on a new record now.”

However, today, Pitchfork received and printed communication from the band that they have no intentions of releasing the album anytime soon, despite it’s completion and their playing together as a band again:

Skylight is finished, but we don’t have any plans to release it until this has been further resolved. We’ve been playing music with each other because that’s what we love to do, but we are not announcing another album right now. We’re sorry for not providing more information but navigating this privately has felt like the best way to be respectful to all parties.