Watch Pink Soldier Through The Flu To Deliver The National Anthem At Super Bowl 2018

As one of the most watched events on television, performing at the Super Bowl — even for one song — is a pretty high-pressure environment. Though she’s been slated to kick off the game with the National Anthem for a bit now, this weekend at a pre-Super Bowl concert Pink had to let fans know that she is dealing with the flu.

As a mother of two, it’s pretty easy to imagine that she’d catch it during flu season, but she’s decided to soldier through her performance before the game today, anyway. It makes sense that she wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity for the world, given she’s from Pennsylvania, the fact that the Eagles made the game is a huge deal for her, as her excited tweet makes pretty clear:

Just before kick off, she ventured out into the Minneapolis US Bank Stadium to perform the anthem, which has been at the center of controversy for the NFL over the last several months, as players like Colin Kaepernick have chosen to kneel during the song to spotlight the ongoing police violence against young black men, as protested most directly in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and invoking comment from the likes of Jay-Z himself.

Tonight, no one took a knee, and Pink hit every high note despite whatever health issues she may be dealing with — if she hadn’t disclosed the fact that she was struggling, it probably would’ve been impossible to tell. Watch above.