Pink Sweats And Kehlani Give A Harmonious Performance Of ‘At My Worst’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Pink Sweats and Kehlani’s performance on their Pink Planet duet “At My Worst” is already gently harmonious, but the duo kicked it up a notch on The Tonight Show with a gorgeous visual component that perfectly accented the duality of the soul-stirring ballad.

Performing in a room split down the middle, each artist’s side is the perfect complement to the other’s. On Pink Sweats’ side, he wears his customary color, which contrasts nicely with the canary yellow decor. He’s backed by a female guitarist, while on the other side, Kehlani wears a yellow dress in a pink room, backed by a male guitarist. The yin-and-yang effect mirrors the complementary quality of their voices as they sing both to each other and to their respective loves (Pink Sweats recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend JL Bunny, who is a performer in her own right).

Sweats is fresh off the release of his debut album Pink Planet, which dropped last month backed by the loving single “Heaven.” Meanwhile, Kehlani has been leading the R&B resurgence with a slew of features in 2020 supporting her musical peers and her last album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

Watch Pink Sweats and Kehlani’s harmonious performance of “At My Worst” above.

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