Pink Sweat$’s ‘Volume 2’ EP Continues To Bring The Romance Back To R&B

Atlantic Records

Philadelphia alternative R&B singer Pink Sweats dazzled critics and fans alike in 2018 with the release of his debut EP, Volume 1. By putting a softer, acoustic twist on his tales of love and lust, he took the genre in a direction it hadn’t really gone for kind of a while, eschewing the disaffected demeanor of some of his peers for some heartfelt sensitivity. He’s doubling down on that musical direction, releasing a follow-up EP, fittingly titled Volume 2, today via his Human Re Sources label and Atlantic Records. Check it out below.

The five-song EP opens with lead single “I Know,” a country-flavored, seductive solicitation whose video took inspiration from The Walking Dead. It’s followed up by “Coke & Henny” parts one and two, a flirtatious pair of mid-tempo dance songs built around a jazzy finger snap and bouncy guitar. The set concludes with a plaintive ballad, “Body Ain’t Me,” which highlights his romantic inclinations as he croons “I don’t want nobody on you if that body ain’t me.”

With Volume 2, Sweat$ more firmly establishes his growing space in the R&B landscape, proving that his well-received debut was no fluke. It looks like he’s got plenty of reflective, sincere love songs in his bag and a lot of range for someone who primarily uses only one instrument. His buzz is only going to grow from here, turning the hazy grays of modern soul music into a brighter, friendlier pink.

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Pink Sweats is a Warner Music artist. .