Pivot Gang Brings A Comic Book To Life With Their Animated ‘Hero’ Video

Chicago-based group Pivot Gang broke into the mainstream in April with their debut record, You Can’t Sit With Us. Pivot Gang is about to embark on a tour in support of the album. Ahead of the tour, the group put forth a cleverly-animated video to their track “Hero.”

The video, directed by Caves, begins with two young boys entering a comic book store. The two ask the clerk for a copy of the comic book Pivot Gang: Hero. The clerk tells the boys they’re lucky he knows Saba, a member of the group. The boys, however, are skeptical about the clerk’s claims and request that he facetime the rapper to prove his claim. Saba doesn’t pick up and the boys leave the store to begin reading the comic.

As they open the book, the camera launches into a partially-animated story of Pivot Gang. Saba is the first to enter the frame and is animated to reflect Spider-Man. “Nah, I ain’t looking for a hero nor heroine,” he raps in the hook.

The video concludes with “Long live John Walt” above an animated figure. John Walt, known by his stage name dinnerwithjohn, was a member of Pivot Gang since the group’s foundation until his murder in 2017. Walt was the cousin of members Saba and Joseph Chilliams.

Watch Pivot Gang’s “Hero” video above.