Playboi Carti Was Sued By A Jeweler Who Claims The Rapper Owes Nearly $100,000

Playboi Carti is less than a year removed from the release of his second album, Whole Lotta Red, and there’s another en route called Narcissist. But now he’s in trouble: Carti was recently sued by famed jeweler Elliot Eliantte for an unpaid balance of $97,063.75.

According to a report that TMZ shared on Friday, Eliante And Co. claim the rapper purchased two custom chains in September 2020 and never paid the full balance. The purchase included a 14-carat white gold diamond rosary chain and a diamond tennis chain, which both came to a total of $197,063.75. Eliantte confirms that Carti paid $100,000 back in January, but since then, he has not submitted any additional payments which prompted the lawsuit.

Earlier this week, Carti claimed that his merch website was hacked after pointing out the absurdly high prices for items on it. The products on the site included $75 motorcycle gloves, a $160 jersey, a $250 racing jacket, a $40 balaclava mask, a $50 long sleeve shirt, and a $5,000 motorcycle helmet. While some fans made some purchases, the rapper posted a screenshot of a group chat text message he sent where he shares his frustration about the incident. “THE WEBSITE IS HACKED THE REF FOLDER WAS POSTED LIVE,” he wrote. “NEVER APPROVED ANY CLOTHING/ ECT.”