Playboi Carti Claims His Merch Site Was Hacked After Fans Complained About Absurdly High Prices

Notoriously elusive rapper Playboi Carti returned earlier this month to announce he is hitting the road this fall to embark on a massive North American tour. Shortly after announcing his The Narcissist Tour, Carti’s website updated with Narcissist-branded merch items. But after several fans had already shelled out a lot of money for Carti’s new items, the rapper said none of it had been approved by him.

Carti’s alleged accidental merch drop went live Tuesday afternoon. Some of the items listed included $75 motorcycle gloves, a $160 jersey, a $250 racing jacket, a $40 balaclava mask, a $50 long sleeve shirt, and a $5,000 motorcycle helmet. After seeing the new items, fans instantly took to Twitter to both applaud Carti’s branding and complain about the exorbitant prices.

But after several fans had already purchased their items, Carti shared a screenshot of a text conversation with his team, saying his website had been “hacked” and none of the merch had been approved by him. “THE WEBSITE IS HACKED THE REF FOLDER WAS POSTED LIVE. NEVER APPROVED ANY CLOTHING/ ECT,” the text read.

After Carti’s announcement, fans who had already bought his items complained and asked for a refund. Others were simply happy they had chosen not to open their wallets for the merch drop.

Carti hasn’t mentioned whether or not those who bought the unapproved merch will receive refunds. But seeing as he’s just about a month away from embarking on a tour, the rapper is sure to have more merch for sale soon.