Polo G Reflects On His Rise To The Top In His New ‘The Goat’ Documentary

Polo G’s first single only dropped in 2018, but he has already established himself as a hip-hop force. That is especially true lately, as his new album, The Goat, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, earning the 21-year-old Chicago rapper the highest chart placement of his young career. Now he has celebrated his success with a new short documentary, which shares the title of his latest record.

The doc, which runs for about 13 minutes, opens with Polo riding in a car on a snowy Chicago day, and he speaks about his long-held ambitions in a voiceover, saying, “Ever since [I was] a kid growing up, I always knew for a 100 percent fact I wanted to be something. I knew I wanted to be rich, I knew I wanted to take care of my family. I always knew there was more to life than just my neighborhood.”

He later expands on that point, continuing, “As a young kid, my goal always was to break the curse of poverty. I didn’t have no real goal in particular, like, to make it to be this, to make it to be that. I wanted to do [so many things]. At one point in time, I wanted to be a boxer. At one point in time, I wanted to be a wrestler; I was such a big WWE fan. But I always had rap as a hobby.”

The film goes on to show footage of Polo as a youngster, as well as more recent videos of him in the studio.

Watch the documentary above, and read our review of The Goat here.