Pooh Shiesty Pleads Guilty To Federal Firearms Conspiracy, Avoiding A Potential Life Sentence

Pooh Shiesty has taken a plea deal on his shooting case, pleading guilty to firearms conspiracy to avoid a potential life sentence, according to Rolling Stone. Pooh was charged with discharging a firearm during a violent crime and robbery after apparently shooting a man in the buttock in October of 2020. The man, the 28-year-old Brandon Cooper, was recently indicted in Florida for allegedly forging checks along with seven others according to The Miami Herald, prompting Pooh’s lawyer to reconsider plea negotiations.

“We’ve entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case,” said Bradford Cohen, Pooh’s lawyer last October. The plea is a bid to get a lesser sentence — however, Magistrate Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis advised that Pooh wouldn’t necessarily get the 97 months that the prosecution and defense agreed to. Pooh won’t be able to withdraw his plea if the sentence turns out to be longer.

Pooh was indicted on the charges above after an Instagram post was used to connect him to the shooting, which allegedly took place at the Landon Hotel, where Pooh met the victim to purchase sneakers and weed. After he drove off, leaving behind a bag of money, authorities were able to match the serial number of one of the abandoned bills to bills Pooh held up in a prior post. Pooh, who had one of YouTube’s top trending videos of 2021 and a flourishing presence thanks to his hit “Back In Blood” with Lil Durk before getting arrested, still faces charges in a prior shooting incident in which he allegedly shot at a security guard in a club after fans tried to pull cash out of his pockets following a performance.