Pop Smoke’s Posthumous Album Art Has Been Changed, But The New Design Is Also Facing Criticism

The cover art for Pop Smoke’s new posthumous album, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, was shared earlier this week. That reveal was a bit of a fiasco, as Virgil Abloh was widely criticized for his effort (or lack thereof), which some called “lazy.” Shortly after the art was unveiled, it was quickly announced the cover would be changed.

Sure enough, the album is out today, and the aesthetic of the new art is decidedly more minimal: This one features just a metallic rose on a black background. Notably, the new art was designed by artist Ryder Ripps, who accused Abloh of poorly ripping him off for the first version of the art. Ripps previously shared a design that’s similar to the new cover as an album announcement and explained, “The idea was to take something impermanent and put it in a fixed state, chrome flower.”

The new art is certainly a different direction than the previously revealed cover, but some fans still aren’t on board with the new design. Some accused the new art of not being much more creative or effort-intensive than the previous one, if at all.

Others wondered why the official art isn’t as good as one of the many fan designs made after the initial reveal.

Ultimately, though, the consensus seems to be that regardless of the album art, the quality of the music is still there.

Steven Victor, head of Victor Victor Worldwide, shared the art last night and wrote, “Pop’s music belongs to everyone. This album is a celebration of where Pop was headed and where he wanted to be. The process of working on this album with all our friends, peers and heroes has been amazing and we thank everyone for their support.”

Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon is out now via Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records. Get it here.