Post Malone Performed ‘Congratulations’ With A Mariachi Band And The Joy Is Off The Charts

There are few musicians out there who seem to be having more fun than Post Malone. Recently, the Stoney rapper found himself backstage at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami when he was surprised by a mariachi band. The group busted out a version of his song “Congratulations,” and rather than just stand by and observe, Posty jumped in, filling in some of the lyrical gaps for the mariachi singer who was singing from a piece of paper.

This is the second time in the last few weeks that Post Malone has made waves at a music festival. Last month he became one of the standout figures at Coachella, not from anything he did while onstage, but because he came through and ordered 10,000 Popeyes biscuits and had them delivered to the party, using, what else, but Postmates.

Still, for as great as the mariachi version of “Congratulations” is, it has a long way to go before topping the rendition Posty put together and performed alongside Quavo and Metro Boomin on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in March. Anytime you can put together a live band on some rap tracks is a definite plus.

Check out a longer video of Post Malone’s mariachi antics — which were apparently set up by Rich Chigga — below.