Post Malone Met Either An Alien Or A Ghost On His Compound In Utah

Post Malone‘s got a new album, Twelve Carat Toothache, coming out next week (what a great title), so naturally, he’s on a press tour to promote it after putting out the first single, “Cooped Up.” And because he’s Post Malone and thus drawn to doing things in unconventional ways, his first stop is none other than Complex’s Hot Ones. While chomping on ultra-spicy chicken tendies with Sean Evans, Posty chops it up about his new album’s recording process, playing Magic The Gathering, and yes, meeting an alien at his Utah compound — unless it was really a ghost.

The story comes up as Sean asks about his “close encounters with wildlife” out there in the hills of Utah, leading to Post recounting his trials with a “big mama cougar” who keeps finding ways over (or under, around, or possibly even through) his pet-protecting fence. “It’s supposed to keep all the wildlife out but somehow, this big cougar keeps getting in,” he recalls, before dropping the bomb. “Also, there was an alien there.” Obviously tickled by Sean’s bemusement, Post elaborates, “Not like a physical alien, but like a ball — I think it was an alien. Or a ghost. We caught it on the infrared camera. Does an alien count as wildlife?”

Post compares the “orb” to Sauron’s Eye from The Lord Of The Rings, which plays into his love of fantasy fiction.

Watch Post Malone’s latest Hot Ones interview above and listen to Twelve Carat Toothache on June 3.