Prosecutors In Sweden Are Reportedly Planning On Holding ASAP Rocky For Two Weeks

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Earlier this week, ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden for “gross assault” following a physical altercation with fans. But it looks like the New York rapper’s troubles aren’t over, and he might be spending even more time in Sweden than previously anticipated.

According to TMZ, prosecutors in Sweden are reportedly asking a judge to allow them to hold Rocky and his crew for two weeks, dramatically longer than the previous three day estimate. Swedish authorities are normally only granted three days, so we’ll see if the judge deems this a special enough circumstance to hold Rocky for that long while they investigate the case.

Rocky shared a few videos of the incident to his Instagram. In one, he tries to play peacemaker, attempting to convince the guys who were following him to go the other way and avoid a fight. “We not trying to go to jail . . . It’s OK, bro, chill,” he said in the video. Rocky also called the guys “drug addicts,” in his post, implying that they were not sober enough to listen to reason.

According to TMZ, ASAP Rocky’s bodyguard will be released due to “insufficient evidence,” but the rapper is still being kept for the time being. If he’s convicted of the crime, he may spend up to six years in prison.

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