Pusha T Reveals His Album’s Tracklist With A Song Named After Meek Mill

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Pusha T took to Twitter this afternoon to share the tracklist of his upcoming album — and explain why, with two days to go before its release, he renamed it from King Push to Daytona.

The album will apparently contain seven songs — including only two features, one from Rick Ross and one from album producer Kanye West himself. That song is titled, intriguingly, “What Would Meek Mill Do?”

This comes only weeks after Meek Mill triumphantly returned home from his incarceration with a new outlook on both his musical standing with certain peers and a focus on prison reform. Whether the track will have anything to do with either of those two concerns remains to be seen, but both are equally likely. Pusha shared a longstanding lyrical foe with Meek in the form of Drake, with whom he’s exchanged some passive-aggressive nods, and likewise has shouted out any number of locked up homies throughout the years.

His explanation for the last-minute updates was succinct and fairly typical of GOOD Music’s top-down ethos, as well. “This is all happening in real time,” he expanded. “you don’t have my art work because i don’t have my art work…the final master was turned in 2 hrs ago, no single (what are those?), I’m not interested in any of that…” and the album title change was because “I felt it didn’t represent the overall message of this body of work. ‘DAYTONA‘ represents the fact that I have the luxury of time. That luxury only comes when u have a skill set that your confident in.”

And so, with two days remaining until his “flawless” master opus is revealed to the world, it appears that GOOD Music’s president is starting to demonstrate its founders penchant for doing everything in his power to shake up the way the music business works. We’ll find out Friday if his album can live up to all this hype or if it turns out to be more smoke and mirrors from one of the industry’s biggest iconoclasts.

Daytona is due May 25 from GOOD Music and Def Jam Recordings. The tracklist is below:

1. “If You Know You Know”
2. “The Games We Play”
3. “Hard Piano” feat. Rick Ross
4. “Come Back Baby”
5. “Santeria”
6. “What Would Meek Do?” feat. Kanye West
7. “Infrared”