Fans Think Quavo Responded To The Rumors Lil Baby Is Dating Saweetie

Quavo is trending on Twitter as fans continue to speculate about Lil Baby dating Saweetie. Of course, Quavo and Saweetie used to date until she broke up with him for allegedly cheating on her. Since then, fans have been inordinately invested in Quavo’s thoughts about any of Saweetie’s moves — even the ones that haven’t been officially confirmed.

However, those same fans have become sleuths rivaling the most persistent private investigators in the week since it was reported that Lil Baby and Saweetie went on a shopping date in New York. A post from Saweetie’s account sitting on an anonymous man’s lap was compared to a post from Lil Baby’s account, with fans noticing the similarities in wardrobe between the man in both photos.

Around the same time, Quavo posted an Instagram Story with the text, “Ain’t trippin’ we can swap it out!” Naturally, fans decided that this meant he was commenting on the supposed relationship between his ex and his fellow Atlanta trap rapper, proposing to take a pass at Lil Baby’s ex, Jayda Cheaves.

Of course, Lil Baby just denied the rumors himself, tweeting, “Baby not dating NO ONE!! I’m Single!” While the photographic evidence appears to suggest otherwise, we’ll wait for those two to confirm their relationship before jumping to any conclusions.