Saweetie Shoots Down A Report Claiming She Reunited With Quavo: ‘Pinocchio Ass Article’

It has been a few months since Saweetie announced her breakup with Quavo, but that hasn’t stopped some fans of the couple from hoping for a reconciliation between the two rappers. However, that outcome seemly less than likely after Saweetie herself snuffed out a recent tabloid report that the two had begun spending time together again. Jack Harlow/Saweetie shippers, rejoice!

Earlier this week, Hollywood Life, a gossip blog, published the report that Saweetie and Quavo had reunited, quoting a “music insider” saying that they were “both in New York and have quietly been spending time together on the DL.” Aside from the fact that “quietly” and “on the DL” mean the same thing, there’s little else to the story in terms of reliable sourcing, but when has that ever stopped the Twitter speculation machine from running at max capacity?

Today, though, the ultimate primary source weighed in: Saweetie herself. Quoting the tweet linking to the article, she definitively shut down the report while directing attention back to her actual business, “Pinocchio ass article,” she scoffed. “Anyways back to this #saweetiemeal.”

It isn’t the first time Saweetie dismissed public perceptions of her private business. In a May interview, she similarly redirected the conversation to her business plans. “I want 900 million dollars,” she said. “I look at Rihanna. I look at Kylie. I look at all the girls who are working in the worlds that I’m in. I kind of averaged out the money between all these women I admire, and 900 million is the number. So if I’m having a bad day, I’m just like, ‘900 million, girl! Go!’” Her recent collaboration with McDonald’s may well get her one step closer; earlier this week she launched her merchandise collection with the fast-food giant and recently told fans her album is finished.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.