Radiohead’s Coachella Performance Featured A Frustrating Dose Of Technical Difficulties And Some Thom Yorke Humor

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Radiohead’s appearance at Coachella on Friday night should’ve been a dream performance for the festival, but it ended up being marred by technical hiccups. The band’s headlining appearance started off normally, but soon hit a snag once the audio began to cut out mid-performance according to Variety:

The sound glitches began only three songs into the band’s set, but grew much worse during “In Rainbows” opener “15 Step,” cutting out the final two minutes of the track. The band then left the stage, only to return and have the same problem recur during the song “Let Down,” again forcing them to leave the stage.

The glitch affected those in attendance and the millions streaming on YouTube according to Variety, garnering a very audible reaction from the crowd:

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