Is Rae Sremmurd’s New Single Called ‘Ballin’ So Crazy’?

Right before their SXSW performance, the Brothers Sremmurd spoke with our own Corbin Reiff about the release of their next album, which is tentatively being called Sremmlife 3. As they doubled down on this weekend:

But they also debuted what seems to be a brand new song, possibly off the project, at a show in Ohio this weekend. Miss Info found the fan-shot footage, which is admittedly blurry and hard to decipher, but the hook rings out loud and clear: “I”m ballin’ so crazy / I’m ballin’ so crazy.” This leads me to believe that the song may be called something along the lines of “Ballin’ So Crazy,” and it also makes me eager to hear more.

If the guys already have new songs completely finished and performance-ready, that means that the album might be coming even sooner than we thought. And why not? With “Black Beatles” still burning up the Billboard charts, and their show-stealing performances on Mike Will Made-It’s Ransom 2, why not strike while the iron is hot? They promised us another album full of game changers, and maybe this snippet is the first taste of that. Watch above.