Ray J And Donald Trump Spoke About Young Entrepreneurs During A Meeting At The Mar-A-Lago Club

This week, Ray J’s name has appeared in headlines a few more times than he probably expected. It began with Kanye West’s claim that he gave him a laptop that held a second sex tape he made with Kim Kardashian. That report was quickly refuted by Kim’s team, who claimed that a that tape was not on the laptop. Now, we’re learning Ray J had a meeting with former president Donald Trump. According to Page Six, the two met at Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago to discuss ideas for entrepreneurs and young business professionals. Ray J also wanted to raise awareness for the political issues he is passionate about.

“I’ve always admired and respected his business acumen,” Ray J told Page Six. “Our conversation was about job creation, encouraging small business development and how Information Technology plays an important role in the future of our economy.” He continued, “We also agree how important an educated workforce is, as well as the critical need of developing of young people. I’m ready to get started now!” Page Six also reports that Ray J and Trump already have a follow-up meeting scheduled so that they can begin to put some of their ideas into action.

Speaking of Mar-A-Lago, it was just earlier this week that Trump demanded that a crowd applaud him during an appearance at the club. A video showed him “appearing in front of diners at his Mar-a-Lago resort and getting absolutely no reaction until he waggles his little hands at them.”