RAYE And Coi Leray Get Bloody Revenge In Their Vindictive ‘Flip A Switch’ Video

Aside from their similar names and Uproxx cover features, British singer RAYE and New Jersey rapper Coi Leray have one other thing in common. Neither has any time for noncommital men. In their vindictive song “Flip A Switch,” they not only dismiss a would-be lover after he messes up one too many times, they outright threaten his life, with the title forming a double entendre meaning not just a change in attitude, but also referring to the selector switch on some semiautomatic weapons.

They take things one step further in their newly released video for “Flip A Switch,” which opens with RAYE lying on the floor bleeding out from a gunshot wound to the heart (not subtle, this one). However, the scene plays out in reverse before the song kicks in, implying that we’re going to “flip a switch” on this all-too-familiar narrative. The rest of the video plays out as a bus ride with Coi and RAYE’s girl gang with some neat choreography. Coi’s driving and doing so in a way that makes me think the streets of London are not safe. At the end of the video, they reach their destination, where RAYE turns the tables on her attacker, finishing him off with a shot to the back.

RAYE’s profile is rising rapidly in the states thanks to her new album My 21st Century Blues and impressive performances on shows like Kimmel Live and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Meanwhile, Coi Leray continues to cruise like a high-altitude missile; her video for “Bops” drops later this week and her album Coi is due later this month.