Reality Something’s Anti-Love Song ‘Hate Yourself’ Is Nashville Grunge With Bite

Editorial Director, Music

As anyone who lived through the ’90s can attest, there’s a very specific catharsis that comes along with the fuzzed out guitars and confessional lyrics that characterized the grunge era. And as those kids grow up and form their own bands, it’s small wonder that influences like Hole and Nirvana, in particular, are cropping up in a whole new generation of rock. One such band is Reality Something, a Nashville four-piece composed of songwriter/frontwoman Elena Franklin, Kingsley Brock on guitar, Ethan Place on drums, and Bill Grasley on bass.

The group’s debut album Life Noise will be out 5/4 via Infinity Cat Records, but given today is Valentine’s Day it was the perfect chance to launch what can only amount to an anti-love song, “Hate Yourself.” Kicking off with a quiet, icy piano riff and building into a howled chorus and rumbling guitar and basslines, the song eviscerates the romantic and peaceful iterations of love, instead comparing it to an “open sore.” The influence of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” is also unmistakable, but the band does a good job of making the song’s rager quality all their own. Listen to the track above and look for more from them very soon.

Life Noise is out 5/4 via Infinity Cat Recordings/Something Like Reality Records.

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