Reason Argues That Fabolous Is A Better Rapper Than Andre 3000

One of the more fun aspects of rap fandom is arguing about which rappers are “best” — even if the criteria vary from person to person (or maybe because they do). Recently, we got the first big debate of 2022 thanks to TDE rapper Reason, who appeared on Van Lathan’s Higher Learning podcast and made a declaration that baffled the host. Claiming that New York rapper Fabolous is a better rapper than fan-favorite Andre 3000, Reason’s, well, reasoning led to an outbreak of Twitter users sharing their thoughts.

“I feel like if you lined up Fabolous and Andre 3000, I got my money on Fab,” Reason asserted. “I’m not about to hate on Fab, but that boy from Atlanta is a monster,” Lathan replied. However, Reason argued that “[Fab] out-raps Wayne. If you can out-rap Wayne, you can out-rap Andre 3000. He’s out-rapped Wayne on records. … I’m not saying it’s easy for Fab, but I think if Fab came in with the mindset of ‘I want the best verse,’ I think Fab can out-rap Andre 3000.”

Reason posted a clip of the debate on his own Twitter, suggesting, “We need a Fab vs Andre Verzuz. Verses only! I got Fab! Somebody hand me the aux!” which naturally only prompted the debate to spread even further, with fans of all three rappers chiming in.

And while it seems as unlikely that Andre will ever agree to do a Verzuz as Jay-Z will, the debate made for some spicy banter on a relatively slow weekend. Check out the responses below.