Essential Record Store Day Black Friday Releases That Your Collection Needs

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Record Store Day returned in a big way earlier this year, with St. Vincent tapped as the official ambassador and much-needed celebrations of the icons lost in 2016. A recent addition to the Record Store Day festivities is a special Black Friday installment, where independent record stores around the country once again get special access to limited vinyl pressings from some of the biggest names in music.

This year is no different, with offerings including Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits, Danger Mouse’s single for the Baby Driver soundtrack featuring Run The Jewels and Big Boi, and a picture disc of the Game Of Thrones original soundtrack. The list is very extensive, so we decided to narrow down the options into ten that are either extremely limited or highly desirable. Check them out below, and get ready to wait on long lines at your local independent record store!

Ryan Adams, Prisoner

Blue Note

Format: Cassette
Quantity: 1200

Ryan Adams was once known for his prolific nature, particularly in the aughts when his album-a-year release schedule peaked with three full-lengths in 2005. But these days, he’s slowed down to a more reasonable rate, waiting three years between his last two original music releases, 2014’s self-titled record and this year’s quite good Prisoner. And in true Adams fashion, for Record Store Day he is showing his reverence for physical music releases with a very limited cassette run of his most recent album. It’s a bonus that Prisoner is the kind of release that music fans will want in their collection regardless of the collectability. Adams captures heartache and longing like few others, and his craft is maturing beautifully with age. –Philip Cosores

Tori Amos, Native Invader Russia

Record Store Day

Format: 12″ LP
Quantity: 3000

Some RSD releases are about the music, and some are more for the collectors. And though Tori Amos’ Native Invader Russia takes a pair of the strong songs she released earlier in the year on her first album since 2014, Native Invader, and another couple that were offered as part of the deluxe edition of that record, the songs aren’t any different from those already presented. No, the draw here is for the collector’s item packaging and the ability to have a couple songs on vinyl that weren’t included in the standard release. Amos takes inspiration for one of her song titles, “Russia,” and goes all-in with labels printed in Russian for the release. The EP is also pressed to orange vinyl, giving the RSD Exclusive an aesthetic boost to complement its rarity. In a year that’s seen Amos get a lot of her due as one of the exceptional songwriters of her time, this should act like a little thank you to her most devout fans. –P.C.

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