Rich The Kid Gifted A Weekend Pass To The Lollapalooza Fence-Jumper With A Prosthetic Leg

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Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago is nearly coming to a close. In other words, a weekend filled with surprise stage appearances, giant crowds, and festival-goers crowdsurfing in trash cans is almost over. This year’s lineup was unforgettable with headliners like Ariana Grande, Tame Impala, and The Strokes. With such big-names featured on the schedule, it’s no wonder people were going to dangerous lengths just to gain entrance to the festival.

Footage went viral of stampedes of hopeful attendees attempting to a jump fence outside the festival gates. In the video, only one person was caught by security—and he had a prosthetic leg.

Though police stated none of the aforementioned fence-hoppers were actually granted entry, the fate of the only kid caught by security has been a mystery. But it seems as though the kid’s luck has turned around. Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid revealed Saturday he was able to track down the attempted fence-hopper and gift him a weekend pass to the festival.

Rich the Kid posed for a photo with the young attendee.

The viral video of a group jumping a fence wasn’t the only instance of young people trying to gain entrance in unconventional ways. Some tried to hop over portable toilets.

Others attempted to push past security and maneuver around a side fence.

Yet another video shows a group of people hurdling a fence, only to realize there was just a line to gain entrance on the other side.

Most of the attempts to illegally gain entrance to the festival seemed extremely dangerous. In hindsight, it was probably a good thing that the kid with a prosthetic leg was barred from entering Lolla over a fence. Instead of a possible injury, he was able to go viral and personally meet Rich the Kid.