Deadmau5 Premiered A New ‘Rick And Morty’ Skit Onstage During His New Year’s Eve Concert

To celebrate the new year, Deadmau5 played a show on the final day of the year at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California. Of course, since he was on stage at the stroke of midnight (and therefore at the start of 2018), he had a New Year’s Day countdown that he made extra special thanks to a famous pop culture connection of his.

Deadmau5 is notably a huge fan of Adult Swim’s hit series Rick And Morty, to the point that he spent thousands of dollars on the (in)famous Szechuan Sauce and shared some of it with his fans at one of his concerts. At his New Year’s Eve show, Deadmau5 had another Rick And Morty gift for the people: He counted down to the new year with a brand new, original Rick And Morty skit.

During his performance of “Ghosts N’ Stuff,” the song stopped, and on two faces of the giant cube structure on top of which Deadmau5 was performing, Rick and Morty appeared (voiced by series creator Justin Roiland), as well as a ticking timer that began counting down from 1:34. They weren’t animated in their traditional style, but instead as 3D characters from the VRChat virtual reality platform.

“Alright Morty, are you happy? Disneyland,” Rick says to his grandson. The two soon realize that’s not what’s going on, and Rick theorizes that they’re instead on “a planet inhabited by sh-theads who are worshiping a giant mouse… No wait, never mind, it’s just some other sh-thead wearing a mouse helmet.”

They then begin to suspect they’re in a bomb, but when the clock reaches zero without incident (to mark the start of 2018), Rick says, “Happy New Years, you f-cking sh-theads. Yeah, woo. Great, alright. Let’s get the f-ck out of here Morty, this sucks.”

Watch the skit above, starting at around two minutes into the video.