Rick Ross Didn’t Want To Pay $10,000 To Have Ten Trees Cut Down, So He Put On A Cowboy Hat And Did It Himself

If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself, right? Rick Ross seems to live by that mantra, as he made clear with a hilarious string of Instagram Story posts on Saturday morning. Ross, who is fresh off a deluxe release of his eleventh album, Richer Than I Ever Been, and videos for “Wiggle” and “Little Havana,” revealed a dilemma he faced: He wanted ten oak trees in his backyard cut down and the price to do so was $1,000 each. That amounts to a grand total of $10,000.

You might think that’s chump change to a successful artist like Rick Ross, but he decided there was a cheaper way to get it done. Ross sent a friend to purchase two chainsaws, which he says cost about $2,000. Then he put on a cowboy hat to cut down the trees himself. “They must’ve forgot who the f*ck I am,” Ross proclaimed after he put on his cowboy hat. “I’m hands-on, I’ll cut down my own motherf*cking trees. You can’t charge The Boss $1,000 a tree to cut it down, I’ll cut down my own motherf*cking trees. I gotta make room for my animals! I’m the biggest boss, y’all ready to go cut these trees down?”

True enough, the next few videos on his Instagram Story captured Ross taking the chainsaw to one of the oak trees. While it wasn’t the smoothest chop, Ross eventually cuts down the first of ten trees. After it falls down, Ross briefly celebrates before jokingly chasing down the person behind the camera.