Rico Nasty Is A Head Case In Her Unhinged ‘Guap (LaLaLa)’ Video

Rico Nasty sings to her money in her latest video, but in the bizarro world that the video paints, this is seriously unhinged behavior. So, as Dr. Rico, she has her squad of nurses strap Rico the rapper down to a hospital bed and forced to watch a weird video of multiple Rico clones dancing around. It’s all a bit absurd, but judging from Rico’s past work — and the equally disorderly behavior at her live shows — that might just be the way she likes it.

The song itself is a short, classic Rico Nasty track, all bass and disaster area sonics, while she scream-raps her way through her boastful verse. The whole thing clocks in at just two minutes long; long enough to get the point across, short enough to keep the energy level at histrionic settings without tiring out that distinctive voice. The beat, produced by Kenny Beats, is mosh pit material to the fullest, which fits the vibe of prior work from the fast-rising artist, including her standout Nasty mixtape from earlier this year and “Pressing Me,” another loose single that got the video treatment this summer.

Along with her appearance on Amine’s surprise mixtape, OnePointFive, at the end of summer, Rico is very rapidly becoming a name to watch headed into the new year.