Rico Nasty Has Released An Adorably Fierce New ‘Nightmare Vacation’ Toy

Rico Nasty has kept up a colorful and animated presence throughout her videos and other promotional materials. Now that spirit has been matched with a new piece of merch: a delightfully vibrant plastic toy, for which she teamed up with Superplastic.

The “Superplastic x Rico Nasty ‘Nightmare Vacation’ SuperJanky,” as it’s called, is a limited release, as only 999 of them are being made. The figure is described, “Descending from a Sugar Trap Dystopia comes ‘Nightmare Vacation’ SuperJanky by Rico Nasty. The 8-inch brutally badass vinyl is dripped in designer fits including curb-stompin’ combat boots, pixie-cyborg wings, and a removable steampunk princess headpiece.” It’s available for pre-order now for $90 but only ships in June 2021.

Nasty recently told Uproxx about how the pandemic has impacted her upcoming album, saying, “Coronavirus, it might have inspired me to actually do what I always wanted to do with the album, which was make it very virtual. I’m not going to say too much about that, but just I will leave you with that. I always wanted my album to be similar to a simulation, VR. If you get my drift, like as far as the visuals go and sh*t like that. [Right now] you can’t touch me, you can’t come to the show. So that’s what we’re developing right now is giving them that opportunity to really damn near be in the same room as me. No holograms, weird sh*t like that. But some high tech sh*t.”

Pre-order the Nightmare Vacation SuperJanky here.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.