It Looks Like Rihanna Didn’t Diss Drake At The VMAs After All

The last five minutes of Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards was clearly the best non-Beyoncé moment — because there really were so many — of the entire show.

After another 10 fire emoji performance from Rihanna, Drake took the stage to present RiRi with her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. For four minutes, Drizzy raved about his rumored girlfriend, with a sometimes on, sometimes off accent and the declaration that he’s been in love with her since he was 22 years old, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams and Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree be damned. It was touching, and a tad shocking, but what happened next became internet fodder forever.

While Drake handed Ri the award they embraced, and ended up with one of those awkward first date moments where your kiss timing is off and you kind of head butt each other and just look awkward, funny and like you’ve never been kissed. Maybe there was some reluctance to go public, maybe they both were just nervous, maybe Drake wasn’t expecting Rihanna to go for the kiss — and yes, the “Work” singer looks like the one who initiated the whole deal — but whatever the case it appeared to the world that she rebuffed the 6 God publicly for the world to laugh at and meme.

Fret not Drake stans and apologists, beyond the kiss in that late night Instagram post, it appears that he may have got that VMA lip lock after all! Yes, new camera angles of the moment have emerged and there the couple is, smooching, saving Aubrey’s reputation and drawing some audible Awww’s all in one fell swoop. Look, it should be no surprise they actually kissed, the superstars are showing signs they’re dating and slowly going public. But kiss or curve, everybody is still going to get those jokes off.

(Via BuzzFeed)