Rihanna Excitedly Declared Natalie Portman ‘One Of The Hottest B*tches In Hollywood’ And Everybody Agreed

One could only imagine that meeting other notable folks wouldn’t be such a significant moment after you’ve achieved a certain level of fame. Well, that isn’t true for “Lift Me Up” singer Rihanna. As a global music superstar, Rihanna has rubbed shoulders with the who’s-who of the world, from other musicians to high-ranking political officials. But when Rihanna ran into Thor: Love And Thunder actress Natalie Portman, she couldn’t maintain her cool.

On January 22, the two had an adorable exchange while attending the Dior Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week 2024. In a clip captured by onlookers, Rihanna, the self-proclaimed bad gyal, dubbed Portman with a similar title. “I am a f*cking fan,” she said. “You’re one of the hottest b*tches in Hollywood forever. You do the most innocent look, and I’m like, ‘Ahhhh!'”

Stunned that Rihanna was starstruck, Portman couldn’t do anything but smile as she gathered her thoughts. Eventually, she worked up the confidence to say: “I’m going to blackout. I love you, and I listen to your music all the time.”

Unlocking her true inner fangirl, Rihanna asked Portman if they could grab a pic to savor the moment. “Can somebody take a picture,” she said. “So I, like, remember this happened tomorrow?”

Users online unanimously agreed with Portman’s coronation into the baddies society.

“Two queens coming together for a joint slay,” wrote one user.

“Natalie Portman is really gorgeous,” penned another.

“Here for this content,” chimed in another, moved by the interaction.