Rihanna Turned The Matching Shark Tattoo She Got With Drake Into A Crown

Rihanna might not have given fans a new album yet, but she’s has given them a new romance to fawn over. The singer and ASAP Rocky are the music world’s latest couple and their respective supporters got a decent glimpse at the lovebirds as they were seen walking together on their way to a date in New York City. While many had their eyes on the musicians, their outfits, and even a bouncer for a bar who refused to let the singer in because she forgot her ID, some noticed something small, yet fairly interesting, about Rihanna.

An image of the singer revealed that she turned the matching shark tattoo she received with Drake into a crown. She got the tattoo around September 2016 and weeks later Drake was seen with a matching one on his right arm. This of course occurred when Drake and Rihanna were dating and shared their respective collaborations “Too Good” and “Work.” While it’s unknown when the singer modified the tattoo, Rihanna’s fans had plenty to say about it in a number of posts they shared on Twitter.

One person wrote, “OOP! Rihanna covered up the shark tattoo she got for/with Drake” while another said, “Rihanna covered the shark tattoo…. I know Drake somewhere out there bawling his eyes out.”

As for the new couple that is Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, the latter spoke about the relationship in light detail during a GQ interview. The rapper labeled her as “the love of my life” and dove a bit deeper when he was asked how it feels to be in a relationship. “So much better,” he said. “So much better when you got the One. She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones.”

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