Robyn’s New Video For ‘Honey’ Highlight ‘Ever Again’ Is Simple But Captivating

Late last year, Robyn returned with Honey, her first new album since 2010. Her comeback has been strong: She’s touring, she’s been on the late night shows, and she’s shared some videos for album tracks. Now she’s back with a new one, for the emotional album closer “Ever Again.”

It’s a simple clip, but an aesthetic one. Essentially, it’s just Robyn dancing on a sand-covered stage surrounded by Greek statues, but she’s so captivating of a performer that it works. Of all of Robyn’s videos, this is the one that could probably be best translated to a late night performance. It’s pretty much just her on a stage, but it’s still fascinating, so here’s hoping this one makes it to TV soon.

Robyn previously said of the song’s meaning, “It’s an optimistic lyric. I don’t know if I’m an optimist — I used to be, but maybe not as much now. Things don’t always go well, that’s just how it is. I’m not a pessimist: I think there’s a lot of suffering that doesn’t make sense and it’s up to us to be responsible for what’s happened in our lives. I’m not always seeing the best outcome; it matters what you do. But the song is defiant in that maybe my heart will be broken again, but maybe I will think about it in a different way. Maybe I won’t let it destroy me.”

Watch Robyn’s “Ever Again” video above, and revisit our review of her recent Los Angeles show here.