Robyn’s New York City Concert Sparked An Impromptu Subway Dance Party

Philip Cosores

Robyn headlined a sold-out concert in Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Following the performance, hundreds of fans were waiting to return home on the city’s Subway.

Waiting for a train in New York can be an extremely unfun experience, especially as the MTA struggles with upkeep and improvement. But Robyn fans made the most of it when an impromptu dance party was sparked at the A train platform at 34th St.

One fan began playing “Hang With Me” off Robyn’s 2010 album Body Talk and gradually the whole crowd joined in, jumping, dancing, and singing in unison to the Swedish pop star’s music. Watch video footage of fans singing to “Hang With Me.”

“Dancing On My Own” also garnered an equally joyful display of commuter camaraderie.

Robyn was in New York City to play Madison Square Garden and also promote her new line of activewear, named RBN. The activewear line is in collaboration with Björn Borg, a Swedish tennis player. The brand wanted to create a line of gender neutral activewear and streetwear that combines fashion, music, and sport. The designs draw inspiration from Björn Borg’s 1980’s sportswear as well as Robyn’s personal style.

“I really like the stories clothes tell,” Robyn told Vogue in an interview about RBN. “I always have ideas about the things that I like to wear and why, and I always enjoy finding clothes that have those extra layers, because you can always tell when someone’s put work into them.”

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