Róisín Murphy Joins DJ Koze In The Spotlight On ‘Illumination’

Offbeat Irish pop performer Róisín Murphy appears on the latest track from DJ Koze, taken from his upcoming album, knock knock. You can hear the track above.

A looping, hyper-kinetic rhythm opens the song, while Murphy gets into a cycle of her own, singing “falling” again and again with that velvet voice of hers. She falls out of that loop, finally finishing the phrase with the words “falling into another dimension,” which is the most accurate way to describe what it must be like singing along with one of Koze’s idiosyncratic productions.

It sounds as though Koze was equally inspired by Murphy’s expansive talents, saying “Working on a song together with Roísín is even better than not working at all,” in a press release on the collaboration.

“Illumination” follows the previously released “Seeing Aliens.” It’s the first track shared from the album with a vocalist. Murphy guests on one other track, “Scratch That,” while Eddie Fummler, Speech, José González, Sophia Kennedy, Mano le Tough and Kurt Wagner can be heard elsewhere on the sixteen-track long album. Check out the knock knock tracklist below.

1. “Club der Ewigkeiten”
2. “Bonfire”
3. “Moving in a liquid” (feat. Eddie Fummler)
4. “Colors of autumn” (feat. Speech of the band Arrested Development)
5. “Music on my teeth” (feat. José González)
6. “This is my rock” (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
7. “Illumination” (feat. Róisín Murphy)
8. “Pick up”
9. “Planet Hase” (feat. Mano le tough)
10. “Scratch that” (feat. Róisín Murphy)
11. “Muddy Funster” (feat. Kurt Wagner)
12. “Baby (how much i LFO you)”
13. “Jesus”
14. “Lord knows”
15. “Seeing Aliens”
16. “Drone me up, Flashy” (feat. Sophia Kennedy)

knock knock out 5/4 via Pampa Records. You can pre-order it here.