Russ Wants DMX, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, And T-Pain To Get ‘Their Flowers While They Can Smell Them’

A day after announcing that is forthcoming album is complete, Russ is catching attention for another reason. While previewing his upcoming episode of the Rap Radar Podcast with Russ releasing today, Elliott Wilson tweeted out a clip, which led to Russ quote tweeting the post imploring his fans to do one thing: “Give people their flowers while they can smell them.”

In the 35-second clip, Russ says the following:

“I think it’s insane, the disrespect and the dismissiveness that people have because we all know DMX, Lil Wayne, Nicki (Minaj), and T-Pain passed away today it would f*ck the world up,” Russ says. “So, it’s like why can’t you have that level of respect while they’re here? I understand you may not like certain things they’re saying, but like, you can’t just dismiss a whole career.”

Russ is also giving away free hats with every order made at his online store, which is currently having a 40% off sale for Cyber Monday. Earlier this year in September, Russ celebrated his birthday by releasing the track “On 10.” It’s unclear if “On 10” is part of Russ’ new album that he declared a finished product Sunday.

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