Ryan Adams’ Gorgeous New Single, ‘F*ck The Rain,’ Features A John Mayer Guitar Solo

Ryan Adams has gone on record saying that 2019 will see him releasing three albums, a return to his 2005 roots where he accomplished the same task. It’s a bold project from one of music’s most prolific songwriters, and judging by the advance music he has been releasing, it points to a particularly fertile period from the Los Angeles-based songsmith. And now the first of these albums has a release date, with Big Colors slotted for April 19 via Adams’ own PAX-AM label and Blue Note Records.

In preparation, Adams has offered up that album’s first official single, “F*ck The Rain.” It’s a gorgeous, melancholy tune that is notable as much for its impeccably sharp production as it is for Adams’ striking words, including the evocative repeated sentiment, “Flowers for brains, permanent sunshine.” And while the tune is Adams’ to own, he turns over the reigns for a John Mayer guitar solo that provides a striking coda on the track. It’s Adams at his best: clear-eyed, yearning, and bringing every listener along with him for the emotional ride.

Always one with a way with words, Adams offered the following statement on the song’s release: “Check out this song it’s cool. Or don’t- we all might die trump is president. I love you, sincerely Ryan Adams.”

Check out the tracklisting for Big Colors below and listen to “F*ck The Rain” above.

1. “Big Colors”
2. “Do Not Disturb”
3. “It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud”
4. “F*ck The Rain”
5. “Doylestown Girl”
6. “Dreaming You Backwards”
7. “I Surrender”
8. “What Am I”
9. “Power”
10. “Showtime”
11. “In It For The Pleasure”
12. “Middle Of The Line”
13. “I’m Sorry And I Love You”
14. “Manchester”
15. “Summer Rain”