Ryan Adams Recreated ‘Star Wars’ With Sock Puppets, And It’s Hilarious

Philip Cosores

I’ve never made an album, but I can imagine that the long hours in the studio can facilitate plenty of moments of boredom, waiting around for someone else to complete something so you can finish your job. Or maybe recording just breeds creativity, where music alone can’t hold all your artistic output. Whatever it was that fed into Ryan Adams crafting a 90-second version of Star Wars out of hand puppets, well, we thank you for brightening up our day.

All of your favorites show up for the short film (?), including the hard-breathing Darth Vader, a particularly foul-mouthed Princess Leia, a remarkably unfurry Chewbacca, a Luke Skywalker cut out of paper, and a C-3PO that is actually pretty faithful to the original. Even the director of Star Wars Episodes 7 and 9, J.J. Abrams, pops in to introduce the clip. It’s all very funny, not surprising from one of music’s most entertaining personalities.

The hope, though, is that diversions like this aren’t keeping us from hearing new Ryan Adams music, which he has steadily been teasing. His last album, Prisoner, came out in early 2017, but Adams works at a quicker pace that most of his peers, with the exception of maybe Drake and The Weeknd.