Sade Has Unveiled A Complete Vinyl Box Set Of Her Entire Remastered Discography

Sade captured hearts with her band’s debut 1984 record Diamond Life, and has since released five more soulful records, which have collectively been certified Platinum 24 times over. To celebrate their success, Sade has announced a complete remastered box set. Titled This Far, Sade’s box set boasts all six albums pressed to vinyl, remastered by Sade herself alongside the rest of the band.

The box set’s This Far title suggests there may be more from the group. Though Sade released their latest record, the slow-burning Soldier Of Love, in 2010 they also debuted the standalone track “The Big Unknown” in 2018 alongside the number “Flower Of The Universe,” which was written for Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time film.


Undertaking the remaster process, Sade and her band worked with acclaimed mastering engineer Miles Showell at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. Pulling each of the songs from the stereo master mixes, Showell was able to remaster the songs with exceptional clarity and pure fidelity, preserving the dynamic ranges and remaining faithful to the original work’s intended sound. Along with remastering Sade’s discography, each of their album’s cover art has been meticulously replicated and printed to high quality paper to be assembled into the complete box set.

Check out the complete This Far box set above.

This Far is out 10/9 via Sony. Pre-order it here.