Saweetie Is Frustrated Her New Single With Doja Cat Was Accidentally Released Early

Thursday nights, also known as new music release nights, have become an event for music industry folks, and for rising artists in particular. Past midnight on Thursday — 9 PM if you’re lucky enough to keep west coast hours — is normally a time when artists are excited and happy, eager to share their new work with fans. But for Saweetie, who has been having an epic year, tonight became something of a fiasco. Apparently, some wires got crossed when it came to the release date of her new single, “Best Friend,” which features fellow rising rapper/R&B star Doja Cat.

The song had been sent out to journalists and insiders to preview, but then word came that the release had been pushed back to January of next year. It seems that some outlets didn’t get the memo though, as the song still went live on Apple Music tonight. Though it’s not up on Spotify or Youtube, Saweetie was expressing her frustration with the situation actively on Twitter tonight:

Some industry insiders noted that the label had communicated the song’s release date had been moved:

And though the song, which is reportedly the incorrect version, will probably be pulled down quickly, it’s easy to see why Saweetie is frustrated about what happened. In the meantime, now I’m looking forward to the music video!

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. .