Saweetie Shows Off Her Catwoman Halloween Costume With Help From Halle Berry

By now, Saweetie’s commitment to elaborate Halloween costumes should be near-legendary. Last year, she completely reproduced Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” single cover with herself as each of the three members. The same year, her and Quavo’s matching costumes saw them become Beast and Mystique from the X-Men, building on their comic book character theme from the year before when they went out as Harley Quinn and the Joker.

This year, Saweetie keeps the superhero streak going, dressing up as Halle Berry’s version of Catwoman from the oft-ridiculed 2004 film. But, being Saweetie, she couldn’t just shoot and post photos of the costume. Instead, she went all-in with a complete sketch video featuring none other than Halle Berry herself. The video opens with Saweetie strutting her stuff on a rooftop reciting a line of dialogue from the movie when Halle Berry bursts out from the stairwell to wonder, “What’s going on here?” The two regard each other for a bit, with dramatic music building and an intense staredown ensuing when Halle takes a page from Saweetie’s book, declaring, “I know that’s right!”

Saweetie isn’t the only star getting into the spooky spirit. Megan Thee Stallion also impressed fans with her own cosplay shots on Instagram after dressing up as a sexy Pinhead from the Hellraiser horror franchise. You can catch Saweetie on Netflix this weekend, hosting Sex: Unzipped, a comedy special about, well, sex featuring… puppets? I guess if you’re not into all the horror of Halloween, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night.