Saweetie Is Hosting ‘Sex: Unzipped,’ A Netflix Comedy Special Featuring Sex-Positive Puppets

Just when you thought Saweetie had one of her manicured hands in everything, it turns out she’s already found her next endeavor — and it might not be anything you would have expected. Vulture reports the Bay Area rapper/aspiring media mogul is set to host a new comedy special on Netflix titled Sex: Unzipped featuring sex experts, actors, stand-up mainstays, and “horny puppets.” From the description, it sounds a little bit like the Guy Code/Girl Code shows that used to air on MTV2 all the time, with higher-profile funny people and a few more actual experts (okay, fine — any).

The guests mentioned include Pose star Dominique Jackson, Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel, British comedian London Hughes, Always Be My Maybe scene-stealer Michelle Buteau, Netflix comedy regular Nikki Glaser, and HBO show host Sam Jay, among others. For more factual/researched information, the show’s recruited Alexander Cheves, Emily Morse, Oloni, and Stella Anna Sonnenbaum to round out its panel of experts. The show is set to stream on Netflix starting on October 26.

One release date we still have yet to receive from the ranch dressing enthusiast/McDonald’s collaborator is the one for her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music, which she pushed back in order to add some Cher-inspired oomph. However, she recently hinted that “things will unfold” around the holidays, so perhaps that release date is coming soon.