Saweetie Had The Perfect Response For A Troll Who Doubted Her Piano Skills

These days, it seems being able to clap back at a hater on Twitter is as important a skill for a rapper to have as rapping is — especially for the multitalented women who have come to dominate the game in recent years. While one of those rappers, Saweetie, usually lets the peanut gallery’s comments breeze by her, the icy rapper had the perfect response to one doubtful Twitter troll, showing off a wider range of skills in the process.

After a fan account posted a snippet of her Amazon “Icy Season” special from earlier this week playing the piano before launching into a (holiday) spirited rendition of “Back To The Streets,” a commenter tried to rain on Saweetie’s parade. “I know damn well she wasn’t playing any damn piano,” they wrote. “Ole typewriting faceass.” However, Saweetie clearly had time today, spotting the negative comment and pouncing on the opportunity to not just shut up the troll but also to let followers know that her piano solo wasn’t just a one-off for the cameras.

In the video she posted, it looks like she’s simply noodling to get ready for the performance rather than playing the “Back To The Streets” intro or just rehearsing. She plays a mournful series of chords, proving that she actually has the chops for Chopin — even if she does sound a little bit rusty.

It wasn’t the first time she showed off her skills. Saweetie’s name was set to trending when Snowfall star Damson Idris posted an Instagram Story of his “piano lessons” from the multi-disciplined Bay Area rapper, sparking yet another dating rumor after she was forced to shoot down one involving Roddy Ricch.

You can watch Saweetie’s full performance for the Amazon special “Icy Season” here.