Selena Gomez Is A Woman Possessed In The Eerie Summertime ‘Fetish’ Video

Selena Gomez is clearly on the path to a new album — and she’s slowly but subtly become a masterful pop star on the way. Following up her initial new single “Bad Liar” — and that killer collab with Kygo, “It Ain’t Me” — the icing on her cake might be “Fetish.”

The song features Gucci Mane, and has already been sizzling for a couple weeks. Teasers of a video directed by Petra Collins have also been bubbling on Selena’s Instagram and elsewhere, and today the real video is finally here.

For the video, Selena writhes and wanders around a house on a very idyllic street. She walks up to the house, where a car is crashed and smoking outside, and gets her yellow dress dirty as she fights off what looks like spiritual possession in pursuit of her fetish in the house’s kitchen. The whole things is very suggestive without ever getting into specifics, and Gucci Mane shows up to rap his guest verse when Selena is in a walk-in fridge. You think it wouldn’t be hot, at that point, but somehow it still is.

There’s also several scenes where Selena pulls on her own tongue, eats soap, eats glass (!) and any number of other weird food/mouth scenes. She’s basically a deranged, twisted version of the hot housewife fantasy. Watch above.