Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Fetish’ Has Petra Collins-Directed Video And A Gucci Mane Verse

Selena Gomez definitely has a new album on the way. Following up her incredible, Talking Heads-sampling new single “Bad Liar” — which indie darlings (or not) Haim covered today — she’s teasing another follow-up track.

Called “Fetish,” Selena posted several photo teasers of the clip on Instagram and Twitter, before sharing a video clip of the song itself today. The photos show Selena looking like a whole lot of trouble in a yellow dress and a busted up car smoking behind her. And if you’re wondering why that ominous, vintage style looks so familiar, Gomez tagged Petra Collins in one of the initial clips, which makes me think she directed whatever visual we’re getting along with this new song.

According the posts, Gucci Mane will also be on the track, which is one of her only hip-hop collabs — she partnered with ASAP Rocky before on Revival‘s “Good For You” to great success. As for the video clips, the first one she shared yesterday, below is just a wordless shot of our her outside in the yard under the sun in a sprinkler.

Today’s preview of the song itself it’s just a simple zoom in on her glossy lips singing the lyrics, “Take it or leave it / Baby take it or leave it / But I know yo won’t leave it / Cuz I know that you need it / Look in the mirror / But now look in the mirror / Baby I see it clearer / Why you wanna be nearer.” Watch that below.

Check out more images — presumably from the “Fetish” video — posted on her Instagram: