Serena Williams Simplifies Her Twerking From ‘Lemonade’ To ‘Lemon’

Getty Image

We already knew Serena Williams was magical, winning the Australian Open while pregnant and being featured in Queen Bey’s video for “Sorry,” but her tweet this afternoon takes it to another level. As if a response to the discovery that we like to see her twerk, the tennis champ released a video on Twitter where she gives us her own take on a music video for “Lemon” by N.E.R.D. featuring Rihanna.

Williams is seen arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport (on a private plane, of course), reading a newspaper as nonchalantly as a queen like herself would. When the music starts, Williams emerges from the plane and starts “getting it how she lives it,” using the plane stairs, chairs, and whatever else she can get her hands on to twerk and pose to Rihanna’s verse. The air traffic controllers are even in on the video, directing our attention to Williams and, at one point, pulling her in a baggage cart.

The video seems to be an announcement to everything that Serena Williams is back, and a baby don’t stop no show. To have just had a baby, her snapback game is on point. She even lobs a lemon and hits is with her racket, showing everyone that she hasn’t lost a step. We’re here for her return to tennis, and we’re super here for more twerk videos. Watch it below