Sexyy Red Tried Hiding Her Pregnancy While Touring With Drake But It Physically ‘Hurt’

Right now, it’s easy to tell that Sexyy Red is pregnant, as she’s pretty far along. Back when it would have been easier to hide, though, Red tried. It was still challenging, though, when she attempted to conceal her stomach while on tour with Drake and Moneybagg Yo.

In a recent video interview with Billboard, Red said:

“When nobody knew I was pregnant, I’d be in the back room like trying to suck my stomach in, or wear clothes to show that I wasn’t pregnant, and I had to practice my breathing. Like, before I’d go on stage, I had to hold my stomach in and look at myself and be like, ‘Can they tell?’ Once I just was like, ‘OK, I can’t keep hiding it,’ ’cause it hurt to just be on stage all day holding your stomach in, so I’m like, just forget about it. Because I was pregnant on the Drake tour and the Moneybagg [Yo] tour, but nobody knew. People started suspecting it on the Drake tour because there was videos and pictures of me coming out. […] That’s the only reason I was hiding it, because I just wanted me and my family and friends to know.”

Check out the interview below.