Shania Twain’s ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ Video Is Phoenix-Rising Country Pop

Shania Twain is really back, baby! Back in April, the country pop icon announced Now, her first album since 2002’s Up!. Today, Shania blessed us with the music video for her first single, “Life’s About To Get Good.” It is nothing short of epic.

The video starts with what we assume is a glimpse of what Shania has been doing for the last fifteen years. You know, quotidian things like washing her hair, drinking coffee, and checking her mail. But things are different this time around. Someone sent her an invitation to Corazon Curado, a getaway in what’s probably Mexico (you know, because it’s in Spanish and the country is known for its beautiful beaches) that literally translates to “cured hearts.” Our country pop queen decides that yes, she does want have her heart healed, so she opens the invitation. And that, my friends, is when things really do get good.

“Life’s About To Get Good” is a great first single from Shania. It’s an acknowledgment on her part that the messiness of her personal life got in the way, made apparent by her literally shaking her cheating ex-husband Robert John Lange out of a photograph and figuratively out of her life. And now that she’s let go of her difficult past, she’s ready to resume the life she paused since her “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” days, as evidenced by her putting on the very same outfit she wore for that music video. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the Eat, Pray, Love version of Shania. Now, her fifth studio album comes out Sept. 29.