Sheck Wes Was Pulled From An MLS Commercial Following Abuse Allegations Against Him

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Sheck Wes is currently facing allegations from Justine Skye that he abused her, and now, he is seeing some consequences. Case in point: He was set to appear in an ad campaign for Major League Soccer, but now MLS is pulling his commercial. A spokesperson said in a statement, “In light of the recent news regarding Sheck Wes, he is no longer part of the campaign.”

The ad was titled “Our Way,” and Wes was set to appear representing his hometown New York City FC, a recent MLS expansion team that played its first season in 2015.

Two days ago, Wes responded to the allegations against him, tweeting, “I’ve chosen to remain silent until now out of respect for actual victims of abuse. But I cannot stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women and I did not beat up or jump anybody.” After Skye shared a video she claimed shows Wes hopping her fence so he could “attack” her, Wes replied, “Just clarifying this is a video of me hopping a fence to get my stuff back from a girl who refused to give me my stuff. Once again for the record I never hit or beat up any woman.”