SiR Is Doing What He Wants On His New Single, ‘Life Is Good’

Inglewood native SiR is maintaining a chill, West Coast vibe on his newest single. “Life Is Good” imagines a carefree day as SiR coasts through town.

On the song, SiR delivers his signature, soft-sung vocals over silky guitar strings and rattling drums, creating a calming vibe.

“Life is good, aye, car fast as f*ck / Ain’t got pulled over once while I was actin’ up /120 while I’m headin’ to Sonoma / I ain’t turnin’ down no fades, no / I don’t need any soldiers,” SiR sings in the song’s intro.

SiR is later joined by UK singer Scribz Riley, who gives the song a transcendental element with his distinct accent and soft crooning.

Toward the end of the song, someone shares a spoken anecdote about a particularly riveting robbery near Hollywood. Although we don’t know much about SiR’s upcoming album, the anecdote feels like a piece from a larger story, which the album will likely encapsulate. In a recent interview with Rated R&B, SiR revealed that his upcoming third album will serve as a reintroduction of himself to the world and to his fans.

“It’s different for me,” SiR said of the album. “It’s not [my second album], Chasing Summer. We did a great job being in the moment with [Chasing Summer] and trying to give the fans something that was me at the time. In this next project, we’re doing the same thing, but in a different way. I’m in a different space mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s going to be enlightening and tell a side of my life that people haven’t heard yet. So many things have changed with me.”

Check out “Life Is Good” above.